rtemis: Advanced Machine Learning in R

rtemis is a comprehensive machine learning and visualization package. It offers highly efficient high-level functionality with full control of training parameters and an extensive set of visualization tools.


rtemispy is the core rtemis API in Python. Ongoing work is focused on multimodal data pipelines using PyTorch. (Currently private)

Rtemis.jl: rtemis in Julia

Rtemis.JL combines the power and flexibility of rtemis with the flexibility and speed of Julia. (Currently private)

Contact for info.

rtemislive: Online Data Science platform

rtemis provides (one of) the most efficient console-based ML platform. rtemislive is a web application built on top of rtemis that brings advanced modeling and visualization a few clicks away.
It is currently deployed within the UCSF internal network.

Contact for access.

music: music theory in R

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